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₹ 3360
₹ 3192.0

987 84 987 14

Sum total: 11=2

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₹ 5520

952 77 952 55

Sum total: 11=2

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₹ 3360

6262 9696 84

Sum total: 13=4

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₹ 8398

90 7000 70 80

Sum total: 31=4

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₹ 3614

89 89 93 28 28

Sum total: 12=3

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₹ 4170

99 55 89 88 44

Sum total: 15=6

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₹ 4830

7901 86 7901

Sum total: 12=3

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₹ 1678

968 968 3996

Sum total: 10=1

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₹ 20250

97 96 95 94 52

Sum total: 11=2

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₹ 2688

838 1818 087

Sum total: 52=7

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₹ 48600

90 7777 0007

Sum total: 44=8

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