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Buy VIP and Fancy Mobile Numbers Online in India. At Numberwale (9222 222 007), we offer a wide range of VIP and Fancy mobile numbers at competitive rates. We deliver service all across India.

₹ 24700
₹ 20995.0


Sum total: 26=8

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₹ 517500

88874 88874

Sum total: 70=7

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₹ 10000

74 91 90 89 88

Sum total: 63=9

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₹ 150000

63646 63646

Sum total: 50=5

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₹ 731400

92900 92900

Sum total: 40=4

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Distribute calls among your team members with Automatic Call Distribution ensuring business scalability involving no set-up or hardware cost.

Virtual numbers

Virtual numbers

Get the forwarding number’s advantage for all your marketing channels. Track the performance and RoI.

Custom IVR

Custom IVR

Get an IVR for your business that addresses your callers with a personalized voice. Greet your callers with a professional voice, everytime they make a call.

Analytical reports

Analytical reports

Analyse the reports to check how effective is your communication. Subscribe for email and SMS reports of your business calls.

Call recording

Call recording

Record all the business calls received or answered. Use the recordings to improve the quality of your service.



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Buy Your Desired VIP Mobile Number in Quick Steps at Numberwale

Elevate your lifestyle, gain an edge over your business competitors, implement successful advertising strategies, and do much more with your customized VIP mobile number! We are proud to partner up with you and welcome you to a community that accomplishes its ambitious business goals & elevating its lifestyle.

We know why a VIP mobile number matters to you!

Today in the 21st century, our phone number matters to every one of us. Your phone number is like your digital identity card these days, covering everything from your family and friends to your bank accounts and social media. We're all about change, right? We switch jobs, move house, and upgrade our phones, but changing your mobile number is a different story. We tend to get attached to our mobile number and become reluctant to change it because the number we have been using becomes a part of our identity. Change is good when it gives new meaning to everything that we care for, so getting a VIP mobile number can bring some exciting changes to your life!

Customized VIP mobile numbers specially for you

At Numberwale.com, with consistent devotion, we give utmost respect & value to our customers expectations. Our goal is to streamline buying experience and enable you to get a customized VIP mobile number in a few simple steps. Our online platform and dedicated customers support specialists make buying a VIP mobile number exceptionally easy for you. You can choose from a wide array of options including those listed in our portal. For instance, our portal will allow you to choose a number that matches your special dates, birthdays, memorable days, anniversaries, bank account numbers, car registration numbers, lucky numbers, etc.

Customized Mobile Numbers for Your Entire Family

Having mobile numbers with the same pattern for your entire family is a great idea! With our powerful tools, you can choose mobile numbers with the same pattern for your entire family without any hassle. By using numerology to guide your selection, you can even boost your luck and fortune in life. With a fancy mobile number, you can make a real statement and show off your unique identity. Also, if your family has some special requirements, do let our customer support know about your special requirements because we are ready to travel miles to accommodate your request and fulfill your needs.


Fancy/VIP Phone Numbers FAQs

Q1. What is a VIP number?

A. VIP stands for Very Important Person, therefore, a VIP number means a number which is unique and stands out compared to normal telecom numbers in the market. VIP number is also referred to as 'fancy number'. The VIP mobile numbers are simple and customized numbers and hence they are easy to remember and recall. Many businesses choose VIP numbers for their office and staff so that customers are able to call them in time if need easily. When the numbers are have a peculiar series or repetition, they are easy to memories. VIP numbers are also a good of creating unique brand identity. When these numbers are printed on business cards, it offers a professional look and creates a good impression on the other person. It is easy to make people take a note of you if you have a VIP number. It can be a combination of letters and numbers as well.

Q2. What is MNP?

A. MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability it is basically the process to switch your current mobile number to another network service provider without having to buy a new number. It allows you to keep the same number even after changing the numbers service provider. Many people have not yet benefitted from the MNP services as they feel it would be a challenging task. However, the MNP process is very easy and simple. The customer can simply send text message that says PORT from their phone to 1900. The existing provider will send the customer a unique porting code which the customer will share with their new carrier. The new carrier uses the porting code to ensure customers old account is paid in full. It takes almost 7 days for the porting to take place. Once the porting is complete, the new provider will send a text message confirming the switch.

Q3. What is a Virtual Number?

A. A virtual number is a hub to which a set of your associated numbers are connected. Instead of providing your clients with multiple numbers to reach, you provide them with one standard number which will further connect the call to the concerned persons number. Thus it is convenient for the client to remember and reach you with just one single number. The benefit of a virtual number is that it will help you in meeting the needs of your staff members while extending the reach of your business. The virtual numbers are not tied to a specific phone device or phone line. It offers greater control and flexibility in how it receives calls. For businesses with multiple office branches, the virtual phone number seamlessly unites scattered staff. Instead of incoming calls ringing phones in only one office, the virtual number will have those calls ring phones across the separate offices.

Q4. How is a premium number different from a virtual number?

A. A premium number is a number with digits as per your wish, besides being unique in its look it will operate like any other network number wherein it will receive and make one call at a time. So it is one number with single point operation. And A Virtual number is a number with a set of numbers associated with it. It acts face number, which can receive and make multiple calls at the same time through the set of numbers connected to it. So it is one number with the multipoint operation. The premium numbers can be chosen based on your preference. It can be any special date like birthdays or anniversaries, or a special series of number. Premium number can also be the car or bike number for people who wish to have special phone number. The premium numbers can be on the basis of numerology suggestions as well.

Q5. What additional details are required for outstation number?

A. When a person wishes to buy a SIM card in any other city than they residential city, they need to offer some additional details for verification. You have to provide details of the current local address along with a reference for tele-verification. As per the latest rules, an Aadhaar ID holder will have to offer a local-reference address, name, and contact number in case they are purchasing a SIM card outside their home circle. The local reference is required for assurance of new SIM cards to outstation customers. The outstation customer will first need to provide the local address where they wish to obtain the SIM card. It is recorded in the digital customer acquisition form filed by the sales agent. The address, name, and contact of the local reference person will be recorded before issuing the new SIM card. The CAF form is paperless and will be filed in the digital format.

Q6. Can I choose my mobile number online?

A. Absolutely! At Numberwale, we make it convenient for you to select a unique mobile number online. Visit our Fancy Numbers Booking page, enter your basic details, and specify a number pattern (a minimum of 3 digits) you prefer for your VIP phone number. Then, choose your ideal VIP phone number from the available list that suits your requirements.

Q7. How to buy a VIP mobile number in India?

A. Exclusively at Numberwale, you have the opportunity to purchase a VIP mobile number in India. The process is simple:
  1. Provide some basic details such as your name and mobile number.
  2. Select your preferred number combination.
  3. Choose your mobile number from a range of premium options.
  4. Complete your order by verifying with an OTP and acquire your chosen VIP number.

Q8. How to get fancy mobile numbers like 999999 or 786 or 999999 or 7777 or my favorite mobile number series?

A. Numberwale offers you the flexibility to select a number based on your preferences when choosing a fancy mobile number. Our selection includes premium mobile numbers that cater to your favorite number series in VIP mobile numbers.

Q9. What is the price of VIP mobile numbers in India?

A. Numberwale presents a wide range of premium VIP mobile numbers in India. The pricing varies depending on the pattern and customization you desire. Choose your ideal mobile number to suit your budget.

Q10. Are VIP/fancy mobile numbers available in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru?

A. Yes! Numberwale offers a selection of competitively priced premium VIP/fancy numbers in popular cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Jaipur.

Q11. Are VIP/fancy mobile numbers available in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh?

A. Absolutely! Numberwale offers VIP/fancy numbers across major states, including Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Telangana, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal. Check availability in your area by visiting the Numberwale VIP fancy number booking page.
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