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₹ 6210

96 13 13 82 82

Sum total: 43=7

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₹ 5244
₹ 3933.0

8000900 560

Sum total: 10=1

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₹ 3022

96 99 92 96 42

Sum total: 11=2

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₹ 27000

9576 08 08 08

Sum total: 51=6

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₹ 3192

9 11 88 44 66 2

Sum total: 13=4

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₹ 21600

90 700 6 700 0

Sum total: 11=2

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₹ 2520

89 600 52 600

Sum total: 36=9

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₹ 151800

79 000 64 000

Sum total: 26=8

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₹ 4170
₹ 3127.5

80000 40493

Sum total: 10=1

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₹ 5520

9858 44 77 00

Sum total: 52=7

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₹ 20248

99 219 0000 5

Sum total: 35=8

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